You can now enable a hidden Task Manager search feature in Windows 11

It happened in the middle of last month, when a single tweet from a senior Microsoft employee got us excited because of the prospect of what might happen. The tweet simply read “Brew something exciting next week!!!with some zipper emojis, and the possibilities seemed endless. However, since the tweet was from Claton Hendricks who oversees Windows fundamentals like Task Manager, we were able to identify it as something related, perhaps a new feature.

Hendricks denied anything like that though, saying people were “assuming” things and the tweet was just about brewing beer with habanero.

Perhaps to no one’s surprise, however, it looks like Task Manager is indeed getting a new feature. And as one of our Neowin’s readers, Wingliston, had guessedit looks like a search bar is coming to Windows 11 Task Manager. This might be something in store for the next Moment 2 feature update, which we had a little glimpse of recently.

Search bar spotted in Windows 11

As can be seen in the image above, the new task manager displays a search bar at the top which will allow users to search for processes and tasks using name, process ID (PID) as well as the process editor.

This is still a hidden feature inside the Dev Channel Preview Version, activating it may therefore break Windows as there are many experimental features under development. Still, if you want to see the feature for yourself, you can do so using ViveTool.

How to enable new Task Manager search in Windows 11 build 25231

  1. Download ViVeTool from its repository on GitHub and extract the files whenever you want. For example, at the root of drive C.
  2. Right-click on the start menu button and select Terminal (administrator).
  3. Switch Terminal to the command prompt profile using the down arrow button on the tab bar.The Windows Terminal app showing how to switch from PowerShell profile to Command Prompt profile
  4. Navigate to the folder containing the Vive files using the CD command. Here is an example: CD C:Vive.
  5. Run the following command:
    • vivetool /enable /id:39420424
    • (For PowerShell, try: .vivetool /enable /id:39420424)
  6. Restart your computer (optional).

To disable the feature, just use “disable” instead of enable.

Source and picture: desktop modifier

Brandon D. James