Update: Sheadon exits Coles Cave safely after 5 hours of searching

[Update: 11:59pm, Sunday, February 27]

Seventeen-year-old Sheadon Padmore emerged from Coles Cave towards the lights of the search and rescue team just before midnight.

Then he walked from the ravine to the main road and straight into the arms of his grandmother Phyllis Padmore and other family members.

There was a loud chorus of “Thank you, Lord” and “Thank you, Jesus”.

After being hugged and assured them he was fine, he then spoke to his mother Sharon Padmore via a WhatsApp video call on his grandmother’s phone. Sharon lives in England.

[Update: 11:40pm, Sunday, February 27]

A 17-year-old boy is missing, last seen in Coles Cave.

His family members are at the scene.

[Original story: 9:07pm, Sunday, February 27, 2022]

An emergency special service effort is underway in hopes of locating and rescuing a missing person in St Thomas.

The Barbados Fire Service received the call at 7.35pm tonight, Sunday 27th February 2022.

The response to Coles Cave, St Thomas, has been sent from Bridgetown, Arch Hall and St John fire stations so far. The firefighters are under the command of Fire Chief Errol Maynard.

More details as they come.

Brandon D. James