The search continues for the missing teenager

After a stormy day on Wednesday, authorities resumed the search for a 17-year-old boy who disappeared in the Ouachita River on Sunday.

A mobile command post has been set up near River Walk landing stage in Camden with a number of different organizations volunteering to help.

In a social media post on Wednesday afternoon, the Camden Police Department said search efforts resumed at 5 p.m. that day.

“As of 5 p.m., there were approximately 14 boats on the river. Several in-state and out-of-state dive teams contacted us to inquire about recovery efforts. We have a team from Baton Rouge, in Louisiana, the United Cajun Navy will arrive before noon,” the message read.

Dana Wetherbee, CPD’s public information officer, said: “We stopped probably around 10:30 (am) until 3 (pm). It was inconvenient for us, but as soon as the wind died down and s slackened off a bit, we came back there.”

She noted that several organizations are assisting the CPD in the recovery effort.

She said: “The Cajun Navy is there, they did their sonar search in some areas. They also brought in a dog to help with the recovery. Of course the sheriff’s office (Ouachita) came out, as did the fire department and so on. are we.”

Union County Sheriff Ricky Roberts participated Tuesday night, she said.

Wetherbee said: “He was the night before yesterday and walked that section of the river until 3am with the equipment he has.”

The Ouachita River had fallen to 15 feet Thursday afternoon, down from nearly 28 earlier in the week.

Community members brought water, food and supplies for staff.

Wetherbee said she wanted to thank the community for their help.

“If anyone wants to drop off anything, we make sure to let everyone know that we have supplies here and they are more than welcome to drop off, if they don’t feel comfortable to come here, they can take it to the Police Department,” she said.

Brandon D. James