Teenager missing for eight hours in Alabama forest found after massive search

A missing teenager who got lost in a northern Alabama forest on Tuesday has been found after a massive eight-hour search, authorities said.

Authorities received a call around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday from an 18-year-old man who may have wandered into the woods near the Black Warrior Registration Station on Lawrence County Road 9 in the Bankhead National Forest, Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office. said Tuesday evening.

Sheriff’s deputies found a vehicle belonging to the teenager when they arrived at the scene.

Multiple agencies – including the Sheriff’s Office Multi-Agency Search and Rescue Team; Randall’s Adventure and Training Search & Rescue (RAT-SAR); Northwest Alabama K-9; Morgan County Search and Rescue; Ministry of Christian Aid; Franklin County Sheriff’s Office; Morgan County Sheriff’s Office; Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office Public Safety Cadets; ALEA helicopters; and U.S. Forestry Law Enforcement units – assisted in the search while the Lawrence County Emergency Management Agency set up a command post.

At around 6.15pm on Tuesday, one of the search parties spotted the teenager near Borden Creek, about two miles from where he entered the forest.

The teenager was escorted to the nearest road and then taken to the command post.

He told authorities “he went into the woods to think things over and got lost,” the sheriff’s office said.

The teenager received food and water and left with family members.

Brandon D. James