Study: Managed Well, Bad Reviews Can Turn Positive – Search Marketing

Researchers from top SEO companies surveyed over 500 reputation managers to find out how companies handle reviews. What they found is that about half (48%) of businesses have staffed to monitor reviews, and of these, about a quarter (25%) are trying to get bad reviews removed. .

The problem is, even bad reviews can drive a business up in search results. Instead of removing bad reviews, a better option might be to contact the reviewer to determine if something can be done to correct the situation, but remember that even a bad review is an organic brand mention and a chance to to improve. commitment and interest in the brand.

In fact, the researchers found that 44% of reputation managers turned a bad review into a positive result, something by offering a discount or refund (61%). Other ways in which businesses have reached out to rectify a bad situation include:

• 50% offered another prompt or counterpoint to the exam
• 48% apologized and asked for a second chance

Another reason not to remove bad reviews is that bad reviews can be a learning experience for a business. A bad review can lead to product improvements and even culture changes within a company. That’s because 49% say their company discusses negative reviews in meetings.

There are also downsides. Although some companies discuss negative reviews, about a quarter say there is no set process in place to handle negative reviews, or that their staff do not have the appropriate training to deal with it.

More data from the report can be viewed here.

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Brandon D. James