South Plains Scouts earn search and rescue merit badges at Mahon Park

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) – The Boy Scouts of America held their annual Camporee at Mahon Park on Saturday. This year’s activity was to earn their Search and Rescue Achievement Badge.

“Our volunteers work with Texas Tech ROTC and Lubbock Fire and Rescue to teach scouts the elements that go into a search and rescue mission. They will familiarize themselves with the Incident Command System, discuss the Universal Transverse Mercator, learn and prepare for the various hazards and at the end of the day the scouts will plan and execute a hasty search,” said the president of the event, Robert Causer.

Each Scout has gone through different trainings at the stations to help them earn their merit badge.

“The Search and Rescue Merit Badge is difficult for scouts and individual troops to work on and complete on their own due to the time and resources required. Camporee will give our scouts the opportunity to earn a badge of merit that might otherwise be difficult to earn,” said scout director Nathan Baie.

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Brandon D. James