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Nue Houjuu is a mysterious and mischievous Youkai who, like Kogasa Tatara, likes to scare people and pull pranks. Even among the Youkai, Nue is something of an outsider; she is not particularly friendly with most people in Gensokyo as she was sealed underground for a long time. However, Nue has some sort of relationship with Mamizou Futatsuiwa, as she contacted her from the outside world to tell her about Gensokyo and lead her there. After secretly helping Reimu, Marisa, and Sanae in Byakuren Hijiri’s resurrection, Byakuren took her to Myouren Temple after the events of Touhou 12: Unidentified Fantastic Object. Her ability, to conceal “true forms”, allows her to alter the appearance of herself and objects at will, such that the altered appearances look completely different depending on who is looking at them.

Like most of his kit, Nue’s Spread Shot, Indefinite Sasarindu, is very strong. it’s a single target, with water at 0P, which is good regardless, then it gets 1 star at 2P and 1 more water at 3P. He also has Yin ATK UP (100%) at 0P and 2P, which is an easy and consistent way to keep his Yin ATK up in prolonged fights. Sound Focus Shot, unknown swallowtail butterfly, isn’t bad either, being a single target with hit and fire at 0P, with 1 more fire and 1 star at 2P. He also has some auto-acceleration speed at 1P, which is an easy way to increase his speed and take advantage of his high slicing scaling on his Spell Card 2 and Last Word.

Nue Spell Cards are entirely elemental and mainly divided into 3 types: Star, Water, and Fire. magic of nude 1, Naked Sign: Danmaku Chimera, is AoE, with 3 lines of Water chips and 3 Star. The bullet lines themselves really don’t have much bells or whistles, but the Pre-Atk effect is quite good, with all Speed ​​levels 2 allies UP (2T) and inflicts 3 layers of darkness, which in conjunction with his effectively passive skill means it gives him 0.60P upon use. magic of nude 2, Heiankyou Nightmare, is ST, with 3 lines of Fire and 3 Star chips. This Spell Card’s bullet lines have a bit more, with good slicing scaling, a lot more kills, and some Yin DEF target down. Its Pre-Atk effect is also very good, with ACC 2 levels UP (2T) and inflicting 3 layers of Burn to target (2T). Then, his last word, Who’s there?capitalizes on the Pre-Atk effects of his previous Spell Cards, with lots of Slicing scaling, and inflicting AoE Evasion 2 levels DOWN (3T), which when paired with the ACC granted by his Spell Card 2 and Skill, makes it a close hit, plus it also inflicts AoE 2 layers of darkness (3T) to boot.

Nue’s main interesting skill is her passive, which has already been discussed due to her synergy with her Spell Cards; she gains 0.20P for each layer of Burn, Freeze, and Darkness and is immune to their negative effects. This allows her to gain Spirit P in an uncommon way either by putting her against enemies who will attempt to inflict barrier statuses on her that would actually help her, or synergize with friends who inflict barrier statuses on their teammates . As a result, all of Nue’s skills inflict 3 levels of barrier status on herself, which eventually gives her an additional 0.60P per skill. But curiously, his skill 3, Unidentified seed, inflicts Darkness not only on herself, but on the whole team, which provides some interesting synergies with friends such as Rumia. However, this can understandably be detrimental to many other teammates, so be careful when using skill 3. But aside from barrier anomalies, Nue’s skills are quite simple and straightforward; Skill 1, Abyssal waterprovides the ACC part 2 levels UP (3T), Skill 2, fire in the skygrants Yin ATK 2 levels UP (3T), and Skill 3 provides the Yin ATK part with 2 levels UP (2T).

Overall, Nue is a very unique, high-damage Yin attacker who also does a fair amount of Yin and ACC based support through her Spell Cards and Skills, while also being immune to more than half. barrier abnormalities.

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