Search warrant for Imran’s house requested – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Police have asked the High Command to issue a search warrant against the Banigala residence of Pakistani President Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan, in connection with the case against Dr Shahbaz Gill, while a satellite phone and a weapon were recovered from the flat allocated to Mr Gill at the Parliament Buildings was sent for forensic examination, Dawn has learned.

In addition, the police compiled a list of PTI leaders who were at the house on August 8 and media people who had contacted the leaders.

Police claimed that Mr Gill had appeared on the 4 p.m. newscast of the ARYNews via a landline to the residence of the former prime minister.

Satellite phone recovered from Gill Pavilion sent for forensic test

The list was prepared using geofencing and call data records of those present, senior police officers said. Dawnadding that it was a question of “designating them in the affair as conspirators”.

Mr Khan’s house and a landline set up there were also used in the crime and legal action has been taken over it, they added.

“A report on new developments in the case has been sent to the senior officers concerned for the green light to initiate further legal proceedings.”

After approval, search warrants will be issued for the residence and arrest of suspected conspirators, they added.

In a separate development, a satellite phone and weapon recovered from the flat allocated to Mr Gill in the Parliament Buildings were sent for forensic examination, Dawn has learned.

Police said they recovered a 9mm pistol and a satellite phone during a raid on Mr Gill’s flat on August 22.

Contacted, senior police officers said Dawn call logs, SMS and other data available on the satellite phone will be retrieved. The gun was sent for bullet ballistics match examination to verify whether the weapon was used in a crime or not, officers said.

Separately, Islamabad District and Supplementary Sessions Judge (ADSJ) adjourned the bail hearing on Friday after Mr Gill was arrested due to the unavailability of the investigator. .

The OI was summoned on Thursday to appear in court with the case file. However, when ADSJ Tahir Abbas Sipra resumed hearing on Friday, the judge was informed that the OI had already left for Karachi to arrest an accused before the notice was given.

The judge then ordered the police to produce the relevant file within two hours. However, the police expressed their inability to present the case at such short notice.

Subsequently, the case was adjourned until Saturday (today).

Posted in Dawn, August 27, 2022

Brandon D. James