Search team discovers body of 60-year-old woman missing in Sioux Falls, McCook County – Mitchell Republic

SPENCER, SD — Authorities announced Saturday night that the body of a missing Sioux Falls woman has been found near Spencer.

The body of Kay Flittie, 60, was located in McCook County by a search party Saturday about three miles east of its last known location.

According to Hanson County Sheriff Brandon Wingert, the body was discovered by a volunteer and reported to their squad leader, who notified a command post set up at the Fuel Mart.

Flittie was last seen alive at 7 p.m. April 5 near mile marker 352 in Hanson County, or just west of the Spencer Exit, according to the Hanson County Sheriff’s Office. Her family had told police they were traveling to see a relative in Arkansas before she disappeared.

No indication was provided by officials as to why Flittie’s vehicle was in Hanson County.

As the investigation moved away from Sioux Falls and toward Hanson County, authorities assembled a search team Saturday consisting of citizens as well as local, county and state officials to search for Flittie.

In the air, planes and drones flew in a 20-mile radius, while others on the ground scoured fields and farm properties in a four-mile stretch of land to the east and west where authorities believed Flittie may have been located.

Wingert expressed his immense gratitude to the hundreds of volunteers and officials who came out to help with the search to help put an end to Flittie’s family and friends.

“I was truly amazed and proud to be a member of this community. To see people over Easter weekend, not just first responders, come out and volunteer their time,” Wingert told the Mitchell Republic during a phonecall. “We had over 122 volunteers come out to help us over a holiday weekend. It really shows how great the people of South Dakota are.”

In addition to volunteers, officials from sheriff’s offices, fire departments, and search and rescue teams from Davison, Douglas, Hanson, and McCook counties contributed, as well as the South Dakota wing of civil air patrol.

“On behalf of the family and the Hanson County Sheriff’s Office, we sincerely thank everyone who came out today,” Wingert concluded.

It is not known if foul play is suspected in Flittie’s death.

This is a developing story. Check back with Republic Mitchell for updates.

Brandon D. James