Search for the Milwaukee Drainage Tunnel; men still missing

The search continued on Wednesday June 15 for two men who were swept away in a Milwaukee drainage tunnel near 27 and Loomis on Monday evening June 13.

With so much debris below the water’s surface, Milwaukee Fire Chief Aaron Lipski said it’s possible another round of heavy rains, and therefore pressure in the drainage system, could help. the teams to find these two men.

Under different circumstances, a boat ride along the Kinnickinnic River would be a peaceful journey. Instead, firefighters continued Wednesday to scan the route from 31 and Kinnickinnic to Lake Michigan.

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“We’re doing everything we can, using all the resources at our disposal,” Lipski said.

The Milwaukee Fire Chief said his team traveled the route four times on Wednesday — on foot and using boats, drones and sonar technology. Each time, he said perceptions changed due to water levels.

“The bottom of the river is very uneven and there are a lot of snagging points. The rushing water, with enormous pressure, accelerates objects,” he said. “Something that was in one place yesterday could easily have dislodged and moved to another place.”

What remained in the same location is the incident command post near 1st and Becher. Next door, the Milwaukee Fire Bell Club answered the call, providing sanctuary for firefighters.

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“When they came back from their tour looking, they were pretty exhausted,” said the club’s Bob Domrois.

A mobile home converted into an emergency unit has air conditioning, fans and refrigerators with cold drinks and snacks. The association aims to protect these two, as it has done for 75 years.

“I think that’s really important. I think it shows that Milwaukee is a very welcoming city and willing to help people when they need help,” Domrois said.

Lipski said firefighters will be out until dusk Wednesday or until rain arrives. He said they plan to return on Thursday if conditions allow.

The missing men plunged into a drainage ditch trying to rescue a 10-year-old boy on Monday night. The boy, Mohammad Arman, was found dead on Tuesday.

Brandon D. James