Search for 25-year-old man missing in Thunder Bay in week 3

Thunder Bay Police, Ontario Provincial Police and volunteers continue to comb through parts of the city’s south side in search of a 25-year-old man who has been missing for more than two weeks.

Kacey Yellowhead’s last confirmed location was on Minnesota Street, when a surveillance camera captured video of him walking south around 9:20 p.m. ET on August 2.

Thomas Missewace, her father, said the last 16 days had been “stressful, exhausting and very painful”.

“I don’t know what to think as the days get longer,” Missewace said Thursday at a command center for volunteer seekers set up behind the Slovak Legion on Atlantic Avenue. “My mind is just everywhere.

“I want to find him. I already want him to come home.”

Missewace said he has never gone this long without hearing from his son.

Thomas Missewace, Kacey Yellowhead’s father, says he feels stressed and exhausted by his son’s disappearance more than two weeks ago. (Kris Ketonen/CBC)

“He used to call me every morning and just to talk to me, like to hear my voice,” he said. “That’s what he would tell me, I want to hear your voice.”

Thunder Bay Police announced earlier Thursday that officers, with the assistance of provincial police, were conducting block searches in the May Street, Simpson Street and Minnesota Street areas.

Yellowhead is described as an Aboriginal male, about 5 feet 6 inches tall, of medium build, with brown hair and eyes.

He has a red mark on his right cheek and was last seen wearing a black hoodie with white drawstrings, gray shorts and white socks with no shoes.

A large contingent of volunteers, some of whom have come from Eabametoong – Yellowhead’s home community – to help, are also taking part in the search.

Nathan Yellowhead, Kacey’s older brother, said he felt confused and saddened by his brother’s passing.

“Everyone takes it badly, even the people who volunteer here,” he said. “Everyone is confused, sad, angry.”

A surveillance image of Kacey Yellowhead. The 25-year-old’s last known location was on Minnesota Street across from Art Widnall Pool. (Thunder Bay Police Department/Supplied)

Joe Missewace, one of Kacey Yellowhead’s relatives and search coordinator, said more than 20 people regularly help, spending long days looking for signs of the missing man.

“It’s exhausting because we come in here every day, or to try to stay positive and bring that hope,” he said. “We keep our spirits up.”

At a press conference later Thursday, Det. Insp. Jeremy Pearson said police received reports of sightings of Kacey Yellowhead after August 2.

“However, we were unable to strongly corroborate them,” Pearson said. “These are investigative leads that we continue to pursue, with traditional investigative techniques of locating witnesses and interviewing people who may have seen something.”

All of these unconfirmed sightings, Pearson said, are in the interurban and south-central areas.

“At this point, the investigation is purely a missing person investigation,” Pearson said. “We are open to any information that comes our way.

“We will, of course, act accordingly and attempt to confirm the truth or validity of any information we collect,” he said. “We are devoting all the resources we can to locating Kacey.

Thunder Bay Police Detective. Insp. Jeremy Pearson said Thursday there have been reports of sightings of Kacey Yellowhead after Aug. 2, but investigators have not yet been able to confirm them. (Kris Ketonen/CBC)

“And the investigation, of course, will take its next steps depending on what information we can confirm in the future.”

Pearson said the police search so far has involved the use of drones, OPP divers, an OPP helicopter and the Thunder Bay K9 unit.

Pearson reiterated a call for members of the public who live in intercity or south-central areas to check all security camera footage, as well as outbuildings and vehicles, for signs of Kacey.

He added that the police were also working with Kacey’s family.

“Our investigators are maintaining contact with the family,” Pearson said. “All of this information is, of course, shared by the family, with the police. And we also share our information with the family.

“We are really trying to stay engaged and work with the family to resolve this issue.”

Anyone interested in volunteering to help with the search can visit the command center. Donations can also be made, be it money or items like water.

Anyone with information about Kacey’s whereabouts is asked to contact the police or Crime Stoppers.

Brandon D. James