Rivers police ‘detain and fabricate stories’ against man who resisted stop and search checks

Constantine Pius, a resident of Rivers State, recounted how officers from Airport Road Police Station in Port Harcourt arrested his neighbor “for refusing to follow them to their station” on October 16.

Pius told FIJ that officers arrested his neighbour, whose name he did not want to mention for security reasons, and quickly fabricated a story that he fought them off during a stop and search operation. .

He said his neighbor had left his home for a nearby retail store on Sunday morning when officers, who did not have a name tag, accosted him.

After being surrounded by the police, they demanded to search him.

“He asked the police why they wanted to search him, but it infuriated them. Later, he gave in to the officers’ demands, but they still wouldn’t let him go,” Pius told IFJ.


The police then ordered Pius’ neighbor to get into their vehicle, but he refused.

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Angry, the police physically assaulted his neighbor and then forced him into their vehicle.

Pius said bikers, who were friends with his local neighbor, would come and tell him and the victim’s father what was going on and they quickly rushed to the scene.

“I was trying to have a conversation with one of the officers, but he threatened to beat me. They all threatened to beat me up if I asked any more questions,” Pius said.

“They forced my neighbor into their unmarked car. When he resisted, they started beating him with the sides of their weapons.

He said the police were so violent they beat anyone who dared to take a video of their actions.

Pius said officers also beat a bystander who they believed was making videos of them.

“Turns out the guy was just giving someone a call,” he said.

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“They also shot another guy who was actually making videos of them, but he was lucky the bullet didn’t hit him.”


Pius said his neighbor had remained in police custody since his arrest by officers on Sunday – a completely unconstitutional action.

He said as of Tuesday morning, police had yet to say anything about bail conditions.

When the IFJ contacted Grace Woyengikuro Iringe-Koko, the state police spokeswoman, she said she was unsure whether the officers referred to were from a state command. .

“I don’t know if the officers in question are from Rivers Command. Let them come to my office, please. I can’t say anything if I can’t determine who committed the offense that day,” she said.

“No one has come forward to say anyone has been arrested as per what was posted on Twitter. Someone should contact me.

Brandon D. James