Police, fish and game search for suspicious death signs in East Concord

CONCORD, NH — Concord police continue to search an East Concord trail on Friday for clues in the case of two suspicious deaths involving a missing couple.

At Marsh Loop Trail on Portsmouth Street, Concord Police and at least two New Hampshire Fish and Game Department K-9 units were scouring the area for evidence after passing the Last 18 hours in the region. Several officers, armed with rifles, were seen around the parcel on Friday morning. In the late morning and early afternoon, detectives and K-9s searched the area.

Unlike police K-9s, which are trained to focus on finding people, drugs, weapons, and other objects, Fish and Game K-9s are trained to focus on ballistics.

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There have been no reports of gunshots in the area in recent days, although in the past police have been dispatched to the northern part of the Broken Ground trails off Curtisville Road for reports of gunfire and hunters actively stalking game in the area. .

Investigators were seen focused on an area around an Eversource electrical substation just under half a mile from Portsmouth Street. Police and conservation officers were seen walking around the area. Hikers and others were permitted access to part of the western portion of the trail, along the power line corridor, but were asked to stay away from the eastern portion, due to K-9s at looking for clues.

Find out what’s happening at Concordwith free real-time Patch updates.

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s office has not released an update on the case since 11 p.m. Thursday, when it confirmed a suspicious death investigation centered on two people. Police and conservation officers also declined to comment on the scene.

Djeswende P. “Wende” Reid, 66, and Stephen L. Reid, 67, both of Concord, were last heard from by family members on April 18. They were reported missing on Wednesday after Stephen Reid failed to arrive for a scheduled event. Family members saw them both on Sunday and contacted them on Monday.

Police, state troopers and NH Special Operations Central Unit, the Capital Region SWAT team, spent many hours searching for the couple in Concord Heights on Thursday. In the early evening, police were driven from Alton Woods, where a command center had been set up, to the Marsh Loop Trail and later to discover the two bodies.

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