Northern Cape SAPS proud of its search and rescue team working in flood affected KZN

Durban – SAPS North Cape has applauded its search and rescue team, saying they have done them proud during recovery operations in flood-hit KwaZulu-Natal.

Police spokesman Captain Thabo Litabe said they were at the offices of the SAPS Search and Rescue Team in Kimberley, where members shared and described their individual experiences regarding their recent deployment to KZN.

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He said following flooding in KZN in April 2022, the Northern Cape SAPS search and rescue team was called in alongside those from other provinces to assist in rescue, recovery and recovery. recovery of survivors, victims and bodies in the greater Durban area.

“Six members of the Northern Cape SAPS Search and Rescue Unit have been deployed to KZN to assist and participate in operations,” Litabe said.

“As they stopped outside their offices, they gathered as if to await their next instructions. They were greeted with warm smiles, despite the sadness and grief they experienced recently during their deployment to KZN to aid in the recovery of bodies and survivors after destructive and damaging storms and floods.

“Teamwork, closeness and camaraderie are evident among the members, it shows in their actions,” Litabe said.

He said the six-man team under the command of Captain John Seeley, included Warrant Officers Ronsard Allan and Mike Korassie, Sergeants Disang Moholeng, Frank Maleho and Glen Eiman of Kimberley and Upington, departed on April 14, 2022 and is returned after the month. -long search and rescue operation on May 14, 2022.

Dozens of police, healthcare workers, SANDF personnel and other relief workers from across the country have been dispatched to the province to help with relief efforts.

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Litabe said numerous multidisciplinary teams excavated piles of debris and searched rivers and flooded areas to recover bodies and rescue victims swept away by heavy rains. Police members had to stay brave while helping family members who lost loved ones in the floods.

“On a normal day during the operation, they reported to the Joint Operational Center, where they were divided into teams and given tasks to perform. Each team was deployed to different areas of KZN with search and rescue dogs. rescue, visiting an average of 38 scenes per day,” Litabe said.

He said Warrant Officer Korassie gave a detailed description of his life-threatening experience “which he will never forget”, at the waterfalls when he had to recover bodies.

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When Korassie first visited the hardest-hit metropolitan area of ​​eThekwini after heavy rains, President Cyril Ramaphosa described the flooding as a “disaster of enormous proportions”. He further linked this to the outcome of climate change and pleaded for all of us to start taking action to combat it.

Litabe added that Captain Seeley and his team are looking forward to being called up for their next mission to help with Operation ISSA.

Before concluding the interview, provincial heroes received a call and were on their way to recover the body of a missing person in the province.

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“Thank you for all you have done for this country. You have indeed shown patriotism. You are all our national pride. We thank you for your dedication and commitment to the cause of service. Your good deeds will be in indeed written in the books of history,” National Police Commissioner Sehlahle Fannie Masemola told the teams, before they returned to their respective provinces.

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Brandon D. James