Nadleh Whut’en is developing a plan for the search for the Lejac Indian Residential School site.

According to the First Nation, the old facility was run by the Catholic Church.

The Lejac site has already undergone excavation work and the removal of waste and construction materials left behind after its demolition.

The site continues to be monitored by Nadleh Whut’en.

Previous discoveries of mass graves and unmarked burials in or near former Indian residential schools have occurred in Kamloops, Williams Lake and Cowessess (Saskatchewan) as well as many others.

The Nadleh Whut’en have a desire to undertake the monumental task of excavating the Lejac area for unmarked graves.

Additionally, the Fort Fraser area First Nation will also be sending a delegation to the Vatican next month, as part of the Assembly of First Nations delegation.

“We are here to honor and support the Lejac Indian Residential School survivors and their families as we move forward with this sacred project. We must stand united as we undertake this work which will not only provide a sense of closure, but will ensure that all that we have sacrificed as people will never be forgotten,” Chief Larry Nooski said in a press release.