No signs of missing Kuching boy on day four of search operation | Malaysia

Photo shows the search party on a boat at Muara Tebas wharf this afternoon. — Photo courtesy of the Fire and Rescue Service

KUCHING, March 16 – The search for missing four-year-old Eric Chang Wei Jie was canceled at 6 p.m. today and will resume early tomorrow morning.

The search operation started at 9 am today along the river shore at Muara Tebas.

In a statement, the Fire and Rescue Service (Bomba) said the search operation covered an area of ​​about 800 meters from the temporary command post of the operation.

“This morning we found no clues while searching along the coast,” said Senior Fire Officer II Steven Ambu of the Bomba Sarawak K9 unit at the scene.

In her care is an English Springer Spaniel cadaver dog named Cliff, who is part of the search and rescue team.

He added that Cliff was trained to search for dead bodies on land or through any body of water such as rivers, lakes and ponds.

“If a human body drowns in a body of water, it releases gas bubbles as it decomposes. Cliff is able to detect the smell of a single bubble of these gases,” Steven said.

He added that the search for Eric would also be conducted under nearby houses and seafood restaurants built along the riverbank on stilts above the water.

“However, we have to wait for low tide to search under these premises because it is too low for us to pass below to search,” Steven said.

After the tide rose in the area around 2 p.m., the search for Eric continued along the river near Bomba with the police, the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA), the Council Sarawak Rivers, the Royal Malaysian Police Air Wing unit and several villagers.

According to Bomba, the search was conducted within a 1.2 kilometer radius of the Bomba’s temporary command post.

After a thorough search, the search and rescue operation was called off at 6 p.m. with no new clues and will resume tomorrow morning.

The search for Eric began in Muara Tebas on Sunday after his carer admitted to police that his body had been dumped in the area.

The carer, who was arrested along with her husband, is currently being investigated under Article 302 of the Penal Code for murder. — Borneo Post Online

Brandon D. James