Leverage voice search marketing

Today, voice response technology can be found virtually everywhere, from docking stations using Alexa to computers via Cortana and smartphones with Siri. The prevalence of such software offers marketers a surprising opportunity to reach potential customers.

What is voice search?

When people use voice search technology, they typically ask questions such as, “What’s the weather like today?” Or “Where is the cheapest place to have an oil change?” The voice technology responds with an appropriate response after browsing a search engine with keywords included in the question. As a result, businesses large and small are capitalizing on the voice search trend and marketers need to keep pace.

Recently, a marketing research bomb titled “Consumer Intelligence Series: Prepare for the Voice Revolution” from PwC, a marketing and auditing firm, empirically captured how popular voice search technology has become. Statistically, the researchers found that 59% of respondents aged 18 to 24 and 65% of those aged 25 to 49 are “heavy” users of voice technology. For those over 50, 57% also said they used voice technology a lot. These numbers are important for businesses and marketers alike as the number of people using voice technology is expected to increase.

Several factors affect a business’s rank in search results, and website optimization can help businesses appear higher in search query results. John Lincoln, CEO of Ignite Visibility and Guest Editor at Entrepreneur, discusses how the nature of search engine optimization (SEO) is changing due to voice search. Specifically, he commented on how marketers are no longer in competition for the first place on Google but, instead, the ranking known as the zero position.

Position zero is the snippet or little piece of information that Google places above all other search results. In the context of voice search marketing, this concept is extremely important because technologies like Siri or Alexa often read from content at position zero.

Strategies for voice search marketing

From the brand message to the target audience, businesses need to assess their own goals and how SEO marketing can achieve those goals. Once a business has determined its set of specific goals, it can determine the best way to implement an effective voice search marketing strategy.

One of the biggest changes businesses will need to make is the way they deliver content to the web. When businesses are looking to review the content of their mobile websites, they should consider making their material more voice search friendly, as voice searches are pulled from mobile SEO rankings. Ultimately, longer keyword sets will help optimize a company’s content for voice search marketing.

Voice search marketing is also the perfect arena for a more conversational approach. People talk to their machines as if they are having a personal, informal conversation, and it is only natural that machines adapt to this form of communication.

The purpose and need for longer keywords requires more attention. Bob McKay, who also writes for the Forbes Agency Council, gives a bit more context to the effectiveness of these long tail keywords. the major advantage for longer keywords that’s how more specific they can be. At the same time, marketers should be careful with how they select these keywords. According to McKay, voice search keywords should:

  • Introduce a relaxed, low-stake tone.

  • Be structured as an answer to a question.

Use the tools of voice search marketing

As voice search technology continues to become more sophisticated and popular, voice search marketing will become more and more necessary for businesses to reach new customers. By engaging in voice search today, marketers can prepare for future industry trends. The best way to gain this kind of experience is in the classroom through a Online BA / BS in Integrated Marketing Communications. In this type of program, students will gain first-hand knowledge of how marketers use specific content organized in a particular way to optimize voice search.

The University of West Alabama offers in a unique way this degree course that feeds a Online Master in Integrated Marketing Communication for students who want to reach the next level in their career.

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Brandon D. James