Jazz rumors: Mitchell, Gobert, Bogdanovic, Coaching Search

The Jazz are expected to be aggressive in the trade market this offseason, according to Tony Jones of The Athleticwho learns from sources that the club have no intention of pivoting to a reconstruction after Quin Snyderand continues to see itself as a perennial playoff team working toward title contention.

Marc Berman of the New York Post cites league sources who believe Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell will eventually ask for a trade, but Berman acknowledges that those sources don’t necessarily expect that to happen this offseason. Several teams called Utah to inquire about Mitchell’s availability, sources tell Jones, but the Jazz responded with a ‘firm no’ and made it clear they intended to build around the triple. All Star.

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While the Jazz apparently have no intention of moving Mitchell, virtually anyone else on the roster could likely be in for the deal, Jones writes. Sources tell The Athletic that the All-Star center Rudy Gobert and forward Bojan Bogdanovic are two players who have attracted “significant” interest from potential suitors.

Here’s more on the Jazz:

  • Utah wants its next head coach to “command buy-in and respect” from players, including Mitchell, according to Jones. Most of the candidates on the Jazz’s preliminary roster are highly regarded for their player development skills and defensive acumen, Jones adds.
  • According to Jones, raptors assistant Adrian Griffin is a head coach candidate to watch, as he was a finalist in Utah’s previous coaching search that led to Snyder’s hiring. Former and current Jazz assistant Knicks assistant Johnnie Bryant also worth watching because of his close relationship with Mitchell and his ability to develop talent, Jones says.
  • Andy Larsen of the Salt Lake Tribune digs deeper into ESPN’s report that Mitchell was “disturbed” and “pissed off” by Snyder’s exit, explaining why he thinks the jazz star is trying to send a message to the organization with the leak.

Brandon D. James