In Search of True Democracy – The Island

Let no man pose as a defender of peace if he proposes or supports a social system that initiates the use of force against individual men in any form. Ayn Rand.

Does this apply to our president minus the common man’s vote? When he accepted the invitation to the presidency by Prez Gotabaya Rajapaksa, about to flee, we sighed and intoned that he was the best person during this time of terribly serious crisis. Of course, this thrilled the R family and then fled into hiding. We, like Cassandra, hoped that Ranil Wickremesinghe would take the reins, form a multi-party government, bring order to a chaotic country and use his shrewdness and ability to stand tall, speak reasonably and negotiate with foreign and international countries. . organizations to relieve us all; to improve the dire economic situation and pull us out of the bankruptcy that the government of Rajapaksa had led us to with mismanagement, bad advice, corruption and gross selfishness. And what do we have now? Greater protection for those in power and recently ousted from power; increased COL; continued protests; and the increasingly present iron fist. We have seen some improvements: no gas queues and have great confidence in the BC Governor. He is slowly but surely pulling us out of the quagmire of not having enough money to pay for even the bare necessities. But what do we see in our leader? Most people think he’s just a puppet and a kaputa pulling the strings.

The trillion rupee question is why can’t President Ranil Wickremesinghe get rid of the second surname given to him and do better by the people. He is the executive chairman with unlimited powers. So why can’t he shake the hands that hold him, the puppet strings pulling him and think about country first and last. More knowledgeable friends say he’s beholden to the Rs and won’t stay Prez if he doesn’t bow to the SLPP. Cass replies that she would rather sacrifice herself if she were in his place. His first duty is towards the people of which he is the president. Mr President, DO something for us, PLEASE!

Certainly, you did speak to world leaders or their deputies, most recently in Japan. But they know very well the situation in our country. Are they really going to help us if they know that the government in place is incompetent and even more so, ready for corruption at the first opportunity? Does our cabinet of ministers inspire confidence on the outside? Is it enough to have a chairman who puts on a good face and speaks English as he should, negotiating with world leaders and financial organizations? The suffering poor who need urgent help are not enough either. The government needs to get back up and show trust, ability and honesty above all else. Why should foreign governments help us if our own leaders care more about themselves and their political future and guarantee pensions after five years of doing nothing in parliament? Thus, the best would be a new government voted by the people for the people and not by bloodsucking leeches. According to Cass, the test of Prez RW is how soon he will call a general election after the mandatory date – February 2023, she thinks.


Print and electronic media, conversations and discussions, social media, have been full of disapproval of the PTA’s prosecution, use of police force and now declared HSZ. Although he was almost a fool of politics and lawful and unlawful acts and impositions, Cass thought it was entirely out of order. Tuesday’s newspaper headline read: HRC: HSZ Cannot be Declared Under Official Secrecy Act. Lawyers are angry, as is the general public. Will the president like his predecessor seriously spoil the country by listening to bad advice? His personal team of advisors seem liberal and thoughtful. So who put this new restriction in place?

It is bad enough to use brutal and extremely harsh means to suppress protests. Don’t the powers that be know that the tougher the police will be under their orders, the more brutal the protesters will be? Does Ranil WR want another July 9 when a million demonstrators gathered in Colombo to protest against power? Is he ready to flee to hide like his predecessor, leaving the country to burn more than ever?

An apt quote is from David Friedman: The direct use of force is such a bad solution to any problem that it is generally used only by small children and great nations.

Of course, the main proponents of the protest are going too far. Are Stalin, Peratu Gamis and even the JVP really protesting for us – the people? To improve our situation? Cass suspects that protest, unrest, and unrest are a way of life for them; this is what they want to perpetuate and by doing a minimum of harm to power, strike the Ordinary and more particularly the poor, the death blows. Why is Professor Stalin leading general protests? Were teachers’ unions not strong enough to provide a bridge to personal political ascendancy? Almost all of the protest leaders are NOT concerned with the general welfare of the country or its people. If they were, they would stop these relief marches and become productive in their own fields, whether in government offices, the private sector, or pedagogy.

More power

It is incomprehensible that the Prez appointed 37 ministers of state. Today, Tuesday, September 27, we read that he has appointed the same old useless and useless MPs to ministries. Shehan Semasinghe, whom we recognize as one of Mahinda R’s staunchest supporters and shrieking acolyte of the R family is one of the two and the other, Anupa Pasquel: was not heard in Parliament, from less by Cass. But these are pohottuwas.

What took home the cake was Mahindananada A, who was burned in the likeness of Pohottu, loudly declaring that the Rajapaksas were returning to power. But he can be sure that he will not return, elected by the people. They burned his effigy but a sure shot wished it was him in person because farmers suffered so much under him as Minister of Agriculture who promoted a ban on chemical fertilizers just to keep his ministry in not voluntarily opposing Gota le Prez.

Funny but perfect comments

Cass commends Jeff and Mutt (actually their anonymous creator) for their very succinct weekly comments on a news item of the day. Tuesday’s newspaper reported that a 37-year-old Salamulla resident, Kolonnawa, harassed the former First Lady to ask her for money. Not done at all, especially for this First Lady who kept a low profile. He was apprehended. Mutt mentions the crime. Mutt comments, “Why hasn’t anyone been arrested for bankrupting the country?” In this country like no other, it is obvious that major crimes, major thefts, high corruption are passed over in silence. Even if legal action is taken against the offender(s), they are usually returned painted lily white. It is the petty offenders who are caught and punished.

Even more than robbing politicians, it’s those who now spring from duties and powers that arouse Cassandra’s murderous ire. Wednesday, September 28 The Island quotes the state finance minister, Ranjith Siyambalapitiya. ” “SL wouldn’t have been in this mess if IMF conditions had been met?” Earlier he means we guess. And wasn’t he also in the previous Cabinet under Finance Minister and Prime Minister Mahinda R?Did he even squeal when this Raja was spending on credit left and right and center of ego building stimulating white elephants?Did he propose loud enough that the IMF be consulted while Cabraal was governor of BC?

Cass watched the BBC see Florida prepare for a massive wind and sea attack from Ian, after beating Cuba. The Philippines saw their northern island devastated by a typhoon. We on this earth have been treated so kindly by nature though we have ransacked forests and mangroves, killing animals. But where are we? Bankrupt, desperate, starving, malnourished children, abused protesters. Perpetrated by whom?

Cass cites a great truth about this land of ours expressed by Reginald Heber in his missionary hymn (1819): “Though every prospect pleases/And man alone is base” So true!

Brandon D. James