How to Find and Open Files with Command Prompt in Windows 10 PC 2022

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Check How to Find and Open Files with Command Prompt on Windows 10 PC

We have all been in situations where we save files on the computer but completely forget the location of the file. Surprisingly, we often forget the file name and try our best to search for the same file without error. Imagine how many times your seconds turn into minutes and then minutes into hours to find files. From using the Ctrl+F function in My Computer to finding separate drives, we tried every possible method, but without success. Have you considered using the Command Prompt feature to find and open a file?

Do you know that we can easily find and open a file in cmd on Windows 10 PC? From opening folders in the command prompt to launching files, everything is possible. Many of us know that the command prompt offers many functions that are not possible with traditional PC use. However, Windows Explorer on your system is a powerful tool to find files on the system. However, Command Prompt can be very useful when you forgot the full file name or file location. This is when you switch to the command prompt to easily find and open folders in cmd:

How to Find and Open Files with Command Prompt on Windows 10 PC

First, open the command prompt on your PC by typing “cmd” in the Windows search bar, then select “Command Prompt” from the search results. With the command prompt open, you’re ready to find and open your file.

Find Files Using Command Prompt

  • Maybe you already know the file path of the item you want to open, maybe not. Otherwise, you don’t need to search in File Explorer to return to the Command Prompt later. You can use this command instead:
    • dir “search term*” /s
  • Just replace “search term” with, of course, the actual search term. So if we wanted to locate our file called “Sample File”, we would use this command:
    • dir “example file*” /s
  • The command prompt will now search and find all instances of the search term you entered. (1) it will show you the file path and (2) it will give you the file name and extension.
  • Now that we’ve found our file, let’s open it.

Open files using command prompt

  • To open the file, you need to navigate to the directory at the command prompt that contains the file you want to open. In this example, we’ve created an “Example” folder in our “Documents” folder, so we’ll go there.
  • At the command prompt, use the Change Directory command ( cd ) to browse your folders. Since we are currently at the top level of the computer’s file system, we first need to go to “Documents” and then “Example”. So, we will use this command:
  • Once you have entered your command, press the Enter key. You will now be in this folder.
  • Now it’s time to open the file in this folder. Our file is called “Example File”.
  • To open the file, enter the file name and extension in quotes. In this case:
  • The file will now open.
  • To make things a little faster, you can navigate to the correct folder and open the file with a single command. Assuming we are back at the top level, we would run this command:
    • “DocumentsSamplessample file.docx”
  • The only difference is that it doesn’t add the cd command and the full path is in quotes.

Final Words: How to Find and Open Files with Command Prompt on Windows 10 PC

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