How to Enable Taskbar Search in Windows 11 Build 22623.870

Search from your Windows taskbar… Again!

Microsoft started experimenting windows 11 taskbar search back early September with a Dev Channel Insider Preview Build 25197and from there it is now in working order when activated with the ViveTool in Beta channel build 22623.870which was released earlier this week.

As spotted by @PhantomOfEarth, the search box no longer looks weird and broken in Windows 11 build 22623.870. The ViveTool ID lets you switch from the standard search icon in the middle of the taskbar to a search box on the left, next to the Widgets button. The option is available under Settings > Taskbar > Taskbar itemsand you can continue reading to activate it.

Caution: Unadvertised features are often crude, unstable, or borderline useless. Back up important data before using ViveTool application and enabling hidden options. Remember that using stable Windows 11 is the best way to ensure that your system remains as bug-free as possible.

How to enable new search in Windows 11 build 22623.870

  1. Download ViveTool from GitHub and extract the files wherever you want. For example, in C:Vive.
  2. Hurry Win + X and select Terminal (administrator).
  3. Switch Terminal to the command prompt profile using the down arrow button on the tab bar.
    The Windows Terminal app showing how to switch from PowerShell profile to Command Prompt profile
  4. Navigate to the folder containing the ViveTool files using the CD command. For instance, CD C:Vive.
  5. Type vivetool /enable /id:40887771.
  6. Press Enter and restart your computer.
  7. Open the Settings app and go to Personalization > Taskbar > Taskbar items > Search.
    Note: Disable ID 39072097 if the search box appears to the left of the Start menu button.
taskbar search

To undo changes, repeat the above steps and use the vivetool /disable /id:40887771 in step 5.

What do you think of the new option to place the Windows Search button next to Widgets? Share your opinion in the comments.

Brandon D. James