How to Enable Spotlight Style Search Bar on Windows 10 2022

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Check How to Enable Spotlight Style Search Bar on Windows 10

Microsoft is currently developing a new Spotlight-like launcher app for Windows 10. The new launcher is intended to replace the existing Win + R shortcut and include options to quickly explore apps and files in Windows, as well as support additional modules such as calculators. , dictionaries and search engines. The software giant has been working on the launcher since January, and the first public beta is scheduled for May.

An older version of the launcher supports basic search tasks that are normally performed by the Windows Start menu’s built-in search function. However, there are plans to make it a more powerful launcher, similar to Alfred in macOS and more functional than Apple’s Spotlight search.

How to Enable Spotlight Style Search Bar in Windows 10

Projector for Windows 10


Wox is the closest thing to Spotlight search in Windows 10. The UI is minimal and great for launching apps and browsing files. By default, the application is activated when you press Atl+Space. A Spotlight-like launcher will appear for you to enter your search string and the results will appear as a drop-down menu. The app is highly customizable, allowing you to change themes, remap hotkeys, install plugins, and more. By default, Wox only provides 5 search results and even that can be customized in Wox settings. The highlight of Wox is the large number of supported plugins.


  • Find files
  • Calculator
  • Open link
  • Show color using hexadecimal number
  • Execute shell commands

electric toy race

PowerToys Run is part of Microsoft’s experimental project called PowerToys. It consists of few additional tools like Image Resizer, ColorPicker, Keyboard Manager, etc. for advanced Windows 10 users and PowerToys Run is one of them. Now PowerToys Run is almost similar to Wox in function and design, as Wox is one of the main contributors in this project. Once you have installed PowerToys, press Alt+Enter to start PowerToys Run. Like Wox, it can search for files, launch applications, and perform calculations. The only things missing are plugins like Everything, Currency Converter, etc.


search all

Search Everything may not be the ideal replacement for Spotlight Search, but what the app has to offer cannot be ignored. The app was designed just to find files on your local storage and it does a great job. The UI is quite traditional and will immediately remind you of Windows 7, but if you keep the UI simple it becomes eye-catching. The application accepts search queries and regular expressions. You can also export the search result to a text file. This is useful if you’re using it with a macro, and certainly useful if you’re in development.


  • Find files
  • shell commands
  • Regular expressions.


KeyPirinha has become a great application due to its simplicity and quick response. It is a portable application and you have the source code available on the website. The app is pretty basic and you don’t get any plugins or themes. Compared to Wox, customizing KeyPirinha is a bit tricky as you have to make changes to configuration files. This can be tricky if you’re not good at programming.

  • hotkey_run = Ctrl + Space

The most unique feature of the app is the action step, which makes it more of an app emulator. Once your search results are displayed, you can press the Tab key and run the command for that particular app from the search bar. Specifying a different tab will open additional options for the application, which is equivalent to right-clicking on it.

The problem with KeyPirinha that annoys me the most is that you cannot select search results with the mouse. To make this possible, you need to make countless changes to the configuration file. Moreover, the application recognizes almost all Windows shortcuts except Control Panel.


Launchy is another open source launcher and it has distinct flavors for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The app has a minimalist design but excels in customization and web browsing. As for the customizations, besides the normal customizations, you get additional options like auto-open app, response timeout, etc.

Launchy comes with several plugins installed, but unlike Wox, there isn’t a huge library of plugins. It also supports file search, but you need to specify the search directories in the Catalog tab of the settings. Launchy seems to be accurate with search, but it comes with a slight delay. He also searches the internet, but the response is so slow that it is useless.


  • Find files
  • Calculator
  • Internet search
  • Regular expressions and shell commands

Pro Brain

Cerebro Pro’s perspective is similar to Spotlight search and even replicates the functionality. Search results are displayed below the search bar and the layout is exactly the same as Spotlight search. The highlight of the app is that it even displays results from the web. It’s an added bonus because you don’t need to open the browser window to type the search string.


  • Find files
  • Calculator
  • web search and suggestions

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