How Tesco Mobile saved £ 1.1million by streamlining search marketing

After rigorous efforts to increase the efficiency of paid and organic search, Tesco Mobile has identified great opportunities to reallocate budgets.

In the context of Covid-19 and an increase in e-commerce activity, the need to ensure efficiency between paid and organic search was a priority for Tesco Mobile and its performance marketing team. So, to better understand where efforts could be streamlined – and where current spending could be wasted, Tesco worked with QueryClick and Merkle to start testing a hypothesis: was it possible to deactivate the exact brand and maintain the same level. of sales from both paid and organic channels? In particular, was it possible to limit current spending on branded auctions and push that budget elsewhere to improve Tesco Mobile’s visibility?

Testing this hypothesis involved combining data from Google Search Console and AdWords to understand which “expected clicks” queries on search engine results pages were met and where they were insufficient. This revealed areas where higher-paying support was needed, but also areas where Tesco Mobile could afford to cut spending through strong organic performance.

This has proven to be a very successful project for the company, which sees Tesco Mobile receiving the 2021 Marketing Week Masters award for search marketing.

In fact, through the rigorous process, Tesco Mobile identified £ 1.1million that it had previously spent annually on exact auctions for the brand, but which could be reallocated to other paid media areas without impacting the sales. Additionally, without the paid media cannibalizing exactly the brand, organic search also saw an increase in traffic and sales that Tesco Mobile would otherwise have had to pay for.

Brandon D. James