Heavy rains hampered search operations for Tapi Mra and Niku Dao

ITANAGAR- Heavy rains and bad weather have hampered the search for Arunachal Pradesh climber Tapi Mra and his associate Niku Dao, who have been missing for nearly two weeks. Helicopters were unable to fly Friday to locate them both. On the other hand, the research team which is on foot also faces difficulties due to bad weather conditions.

Meanwhile, a 34-member infantry squad (31 army personnel and three local mountaineers) reached Veo village today. The foot search party also faces many problems due to the rain. It will take more courage to reach the base camp.

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Briefing on the matter on Friday, DC Prabhimal Abhishek Polumatla of East Kameng District said that the members of the foot search party reached Veo village, but due to rain there was a lot of problems.

The team of 34 people therefore had to be divided into two halves (groups A and B). Group A has 18 members and Group B has 16 members. Today, 18 members of Crane A have reached Longchu, while the second group will depart from Veo tomorrow. Due to heavy rain, it takes longer for the reconnaissance team members to reach Longchu from Veo than on normal days.

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The four army helicopters, which were deployed for the search operation, were unable to take off on Friday also due to bad weather, he said. As soon as the weather improves, these helicopters will go in search of the missing climbers.

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For administrative and logistical arrangement, seven executive magistrates were directed to be stationed at different incident command posts on a rotational basis.

Fifteen members of the Auxiliary Labor Corps (ALC) were requisitioned from the circles of Pipu, Gawepurang and Seppa to “provide porters to the search and rescue operation on foot”, the operations commander said in his report. .

Brandon D. James