Google Search dark mode is getting darker

Many users report that Google search desktop is getting darker for them and when I say darker I mean AMOLED type.

Google search has some changes

Dark mode on Google search has been around for a while, but pure dark mode has always been something that’s been missing. Recently, users started reporting that dark mode in its purest form is now enabled on the Google Search desktop.

This feature has not yet been activated on our end, but reports indicate that on the webpage, the color schemes have been changed to make the background color black or as indicated by the color code # 000000. Also, to make sure the links are visible on the page, the colors of the hyperlinks have been changed to make them stand out better against the black background.

The need for dark mode is growing

The need for a dark mode was identified a few years ago, but the idea of ​​putting light text on darker backgrounds isn’t new. Command line interfaces are well known for having a black background with white or green text as the default setting.

The evolution from a command-line interface to a more modern GUI has always perpetuated the idea that brighter backgrounds are better, but as modern GUI-based operating systems become more mature UIs are slowly moving towards darker backgrounds and light colored text.

Changes in the design language of operating systems were quickly transferred to the web industry to provide users with a seamless experience. Most modern web pages introduce a dark mode for the benefit of the user and are among the first to be able to boldly claim that they were in tune with the demands of a modern user.

Benefits of dark mode

Health Benefits

The biggest benefit of using dark mode is the fact that after a long web browsing session, your eyes don’t hurt anymore. The idea behind Dark Mode is simple, if the background or UI elements are a lighter color, the display will emit them brightly, which will strain your eyes.

Another problem that remains is sleep. Most users today are inclined to use their devices at night after using them throughout the day. Using devices at night combined with a crisp white user interface can make you lose sleep. With dark mode, the chances of losing sleep are much lower.

Better battery life

The benefits of dark mode aren’t just limited to health and wellness. Dark mode is a very useful feature in modern smartphones and is quickly becoming a very useful feature for PC users. Most modern devices are switching to AMOLED screens.

An AMOLED display benefits a lot from black backgrounds as each LED is individually illuminated, black parts of the UI or images can be easily displayed by rotating the LEDs in that region, reducing the power consumption of the display. ‘screen. This reduction in power consumption is a great help in increasing the battery life of the device and less power consumption will also lead to a better environment.

This decision seems to be very smart and will surely increase the credibility of Google in Street! Visit us for more interesting technology news.

Brandon D. James