Google restarts the clock on Search’s timer feature

It’s nice to hear that tick-tick-tick one more time

As silently as it seemingly disappeared, Google Search’s timer seems to have returned without much of a murmur. Okay, someone said something about that this week.

You may recall that at the end of last month, commands for the desktop or mobile web versions of Google Search to “set timer for X minutes”, “start stopwatch”, and others suddenly stopped working. work – users who would normally see a widget with said timer (which started automatically) or stopwatch only saw irrelevant search results (well, at least irrelevant to what they really wanted from Google search) .


Google Search liaison Danny Sullivan was very knowledgeable about the issue, but was unable to provide a satisfactory answer as to when or even if functionality would be restored. Sullivan confirmed on August 1 that the feature would eventually return, but didn’t have a timeline.

On Wednesday, Sullivan tweeted (via The edge) some welcome news:

Indeed, if you ask Google to “set a timer“, you will now see one start counting down from 5 minutes. You can also specify other durations or set it for a time of day like 3:15 p.m. And yes, you can also wind up a stopwatchas well, but you’ll have to start this one on your own.

Of course, you can do the exact same thing by sending a voice command to the Google app or the Google Assistant on your mobile device, but for people who are just stuck on their desktop and want a way to track the time, this feature has always been a great standby. And hey, it’s better than counting with your fingers.

Brandon D. James