From the Fire Station: Search and Rescue Training | News, Sports, Jobs

An island firefighter enters the house during training. PHOTO PROVIDED

Last week, our crews had the unique opportunity to undergo live search and rescue training. One of our amazing administrators allowed us to use their house to hide young volunteers. During the training scenario, crews were sent on a simulated structural fire. Upon arrival, each crew was informed that children were still inside. This training was relevant to each rank. Command and captains worked on firefighting and search and rescue tactics. Engineers simulated engine surging and also got into firefighting and search and rescue. Firefighters had to conduct search and rescue operations as well as firefighting tactics, all with a mask with limited visibility to simulate heavy smoke.

We asked our young volunteers to hide, which children can sometimes do during fires.

Take advantage of this time to review your fire safety plan with the toddlers and anyone else in your home. Make sure everyone knows their outings and safe meeting place!

Finally, if someone is able to provide an empty house (demolition or major renovations), give us a call! We would love to use this as a training opportunity! We can be reached at 239-283-0030.

Brandon D. James