For Top Cop’s search preference for higher education, but a college degree is not required – only in Bridgeport®

The next Bridgeport Police Chief must have 10 years of urban law enforcement experience with a minimum of five years of command skills serving a community population of at least 80,000 within a minority population of at least 25%.

A college degree is not required, but preference will be given to candidates with a college education, depending on the job requirements and qualifications needed to lead Connecticut’s most populous city. International Association of Chiefs of Policethe consulting firm leading the research.

Not requiring a university degree raised some eyebrows given the 2018 cop search spot in which personnel manager David Dunn asked the then head of executive search to avoid a college degree in his act to hand over the job to Armando Perez. Dunn and Perez have both been federally charged and served time for their roles in the scheme.

July 14 is the deadline to apply.

The city charter empowers the mayor to select a leader from the top three nominees for a five-year term with an option for renewal.

The presentation of the three finalists to the mayor is scheduled for mid-September. For more information on research, see here

From the research site:

Preferred qualifications

Preference will be given to candidates who demonstrate:

  • Successful advanced professional training (e.g., a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree in criminal justice or a field closely related to public policy/social science (e.g., public policy, public administration, public safety)
  • Commitment to ongoing professional development, such as recent attendance at the FBI National Academy or PERF’s Senior Management Institute for Police (SMIP)
  • Proven successful experience in workforce management


Needs and expectations

The next Chief of Police for the Bridgeport Police Department is expected to be community-oriented, able to work effectively in a rapidly changing environment, and experienced in building and maintaining broad coalitions of support. The City of Bridgeport requires the Chief of Police to become a resident and registered voter of Bridgeport within one year of appointment (Chapter 2, Section 2) and maintain residency for the duration of appointment to office.

  • Thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the principles, practices, methods and equipment used in modern police administration
  • Ability and ability to adapt and be flexible, responsive to all concerns, approachable and approachable, demonstrate leadership and solve problems creatively and astutely
  • Possess an understanding of strong internal and external accountability systems
  • Develop a comprehensive internal wellness strategy with an emphasis on total wellness, including physical and mental well-being in conjunction with the Director of Labor Relations or his delegate (i.e. benefits manager)
  • Ability to work closely with unions and effectively manage these important working relationships
  • Commitment to training and professional standards
  • Articulate a clear vision and goals for success for the organization and develop and execute a strategic plan to achieve the desired results
  • Strong decision-making skills to be able to quickly make the right decision within established guidelines and protocols
  • Strong budgeting and business acumen, attention to detail with a solid understanding of report writing and accounting practices and principles
  • Strong crisis resolution capability to be able to resolve any disputes between community and employees, and between employees themselves
  • Review the organizational structure of the department with the aim of developing a strong leadership team and improving the flow of information through the ranks
  • Establish a leadership development process to nurture the next generation of leaders – starting with investing in frontline supervisors
  • Develop a strategy to increase hiring and retention
  • Demonstrated experience working with groups made up of members from diverse backgrounds and perspectives to foster a greater appreciation of diversity, equality and inclusion within the department
  • Have a strong understanding and experience of technology and analytical decision making
  • Excellent communication skills, including the ability to speak effectively to a wide range of people and groups, write well, engage and build rapport with topic(s), and listen actively
  • Involved, accessible and visible within and across the department and in the community
  • Understands, supports, and can apply the principles of the “Final Report of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing” in America
  • Thorough knowledge of the principles, practices, methods and equipment used for fair, just, respectful, safe and effective policing
  • Hold yourself and others to the values ​​of integrity, transparency, proactivity, innovation, fairness, accountability, compassion, excellence and responsiveness
  • Demonstrated ability to build and maintain positive external community relationships and internal relationships within the department and between City departments
  • Commitment to serve and work equitably with all spectrums of a multiracial, multicultural and socio-economically diverse community

Brandon D. James