Do Not Let Our Officers Enter Your Homes Without A Search Warrant, Kwara Police Warn Residents

Kwara Police Command has warned its officers against unethical behavior such as harassment and extortion of innocent residents in the state.
State Police Commissioner Assayomo Tuesday issued the warning in a statement signed by command spokesman Okasanmi Ajayi in Ilorin on Saturday.

Mr Assayomo said the command frowns upon the indiscriminate stopping of youths on private and public transport, and on the streets in an effort to verify incriminating information and possible harassment and extortion by its officers in the field.

The police commissioner therefore warned officers with such unethical habits to desist immediately or else serious consequences await the culprits.

“To ensure strict compliance with this directive, the Kwara Police Command Special Monitoring Team has been set up and detailed to be on the lookout for deviant officers.

“Therefore, members of the public are advised to insist on being taken to the nearest police station in case a police officer asks them to submit their phones or laptops for search.

“Following this directive, landlords or tenants are also advised to require search warrants authenticating the search of such dwelling places before exercise is permitted.

“This is to prevent reports of indiscriminate intrusion into homes and offices by police and imposters under the guise of searching and arresting criminal elements,” the statement read in part.


Brandon D. James