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While many live sporting events have gotten off to a cautious start in 2020, Indians have their eyes riveted on the return of the mega cricket tournament: the Indian Premier League (IPL). This year, as the new season becomes a substantial source of engagement for sports fans across the country, it also provides a platform for brands to meaningfully engage with their audiences. Search is becoming a useful tool in the marketing toolkit because it can help brands be present without being intrusive and ensure that users are directed to the right source of information from the initial discovery phase, leaving users to decide. where and how they want to access the information. It can help brands define initial touchpoints for their audience in a meaningful way. Speaking of IPL and research, we present to you the quintessential achievement of a brand that has established itself during the IPL season in India and achieved its dream of growing faster.

Wakefit: the start of a solid round
Founded in 2016, Wakefit was launched as the first direct-to-consumer line brand that provides comfortable and responsive mattresses to its consumers. In the space of four short years, Wakefit successfully employs more than 600 people and aims for a turnover of INR 450 crore by fiscal year 2021.

In a country where cricket is nothing less than a religion, the brand aimed to raise its profile at the world’s most-watched cricket league, the IPL. Especially in the midst of the pandemic, it was evident that consumers were looking to modernize and beautify their surroundings. While the IPL is a golden opportunity to connect with Indians, Wakefit has bolstered Search’s relevance by exploring what the public wants, whether it’s a comfy sofa for enjoying IPL matches or a heavenly mattress for themselves. crush after the adrenaline rush that the game leaves us with.

Based on this opportunity, Wakefit leveraged intent-based marketing with Search for branding on Microsoft Advertising Platform and not only generated top-of-the-funnel efficiencies, but also leveraged middle and middle triggers. down the funnel to really create the impact.

While Wakefit saw an 80% growth in QoQ in website traffic, 44% in total MSA traffic in Search for Branding, and 131% in QoQ in brand searches, the brand also saw significant growth. 71% of its revenue and 10X its ROAS.

Research: The ideal route for brands during the IPL
With Search Network research going to see a big increase during the cricket season and the mini holiday season, here’s how brands can get the most out of Search Network advertising.

Engage the entire funnel with the right keywords
Leverage funnel search using IPL related keywords to increase awareness and be at the top of consumers’ minds, use generic and non-brand keywords to generate interest and consideration for the brand is the best bet for brands to gain consumers.

Mid and lower level triggers can be hit by tapping into intention-based keywords such as “best”, “compare” to boost consumer intention, and specific terms such as “buy sofa online. can be used to stimulate purchases. Remarketing for high intention users can drive incremental conversions.

Draw attention to the device that’s always on
According to the ‘Search Marketing during IPL’ report, 95% of Indians have mobile phones on hand while watching TV. 75% of adult consumers in India constantly use multiple devices simultaneously and spend almost 90% of their workday interacting with devices. Mobile takes center stage to convince consumers of this IPL.

Make your brand’s presence felt with Search for Branding
The report’s five-step formula shines a light on how marketers can leverage better search efficiencies to increase brand awareness.

Decoding Wakefit's research strategy during IPL
Learn more about how brands can build a strong keyword pipeline, earn # 1 in SERPs, and dig deeper into consumer sentiment, behavior, expectations, and best practices to get the most out of it. ‘IPL from the’ Search Marketing during IPL ‘report. While it is imperative to understand best practices, learn the true success of brands and their mantra for winning this IPL with the Wakefit success story.

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