David Melamed on the early days of search marketing and the huge sharing in the industry

David Melamed, whom I’ve known for about 15 years, has been in space for about as long, if not longer. David Melamed is now a search marketing consultant for many companies. You can find out more about him on his website at davidmelamed.com. David and I worked on projects together in the beginning and we were discussing new projects because he was in town and I convinced him to vlog with me. The batteries in one of the cameras died, so we were done talking at some point, otherwise we probably would have gone on for hours and hours.

We talked about how David got into the search marketing space, first leveraging Metacrawler, one of the first search engines in 1995. We talked about some of the early SEO, SES conferences and where we met. I checked my email after our conversation and I think we first emailed around 2008, but we probably met in 2007 at the conference.

David said research was his first love and his dream was to do marketing, especially Super Bowl commercials. He grew up without a TV (sounds awful to me), but he says it kind of fueled his desire to do marketing. Between that and his father being a programmer, he really immersed himself in search marketing.

He sees every marketing issue through the prism of research, the level of intent is a layer on the world, he said.

We then talked about some of his professional background in search marketing. This includes how he interviewed for his first SEO job and was rejected. But he begged them to re-question him, he learned SEO in a matter of weeks from Aaron Wall’s SEO book, so he credits Aaron Wall for his success in this space. David explained that it’s hard to know who to trust in search marketing and he said he often feels like he doesn’t know enough himself.

We also talked about how the SEM industry is one of the most sharing, he thinks, because we all wanted links, so we shared as much as possible just to get links. He said he loved Todd Malicoat’s old Stuntdubl blog – but it’s not updated as much.

And that continues to be important, write good stuff that people want to link to and Google will rank it well.

You can learn more about David Melamed on his website at davidmelamed.com.

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