Chontra Police arrest 6 gangsters in search operation

Rawalpindi-Chontra police carried out a search operation in Sangra and Khingar and detained six gangsters in addition to recovering weapons and ammunition in their possession, a police spokesperson said.

Separate cases have been registered against the accused with the Chontra police station, he said. The detained defendants identified as Jabbar, Salim, Pir Muhammad, Hanif, Babar Ali and Irfan, who are believed to have been linked to owners of illegal housing companies and have been involved in terrorism and land grabbing in the area.

According to him, a team from PS Chontra, under the command of Superintendent of Police (SP) Division Saddar Ahmed Zunair Cheema, carried out a massive search operation in Sangra and Khingar areas. Police arrested six gangsters and seized two Kalashnikovs, magazines and bullets in their possession. The detained defendants were moved to a police station where charges were filed against them, he said.

“The police conducted a search operation in order to maintain public order and flush out hard-line criminals,” SP Ahmed Zunair Cheema said in a statement. He said the police would have the accused punished by a court based on solid evidence. He said the police would continue cracking down on anti-social elements and criminals to maintain peace in Chontra and the suburbs.

On the other hand, the police also apprehended a man involved in the sexual assault of an 11-year-old child in Gujar Khan. A case has been filed against the accused, namely Faizan, on the complaint of the child victim’s father, the police spokesman said.

He said Rawat police also arrested a Nazakat citizen accused of making a fraudulent call to Rescue 15 (police emergency service) about the presence of 10 dead bodies in an area. However, when police investigators responded to the call and attended the scene, they found nothing. The police located the appellant and arrested him in addition to filing a complaint against him.

Police also arrested four declared offenders during a crackdown. Action against the OPs was taken following the orders of Municipal Police Officer Syed Nadim Shehzad Bukhari, he said. According to him, a PS Pirwadhai team held a PO namely Usama Butt who was involved in a murder and attempted murder case.

Similarly, Murree Police handcuffed a PO named Zain who stabbed a Hamza man with his accomplice to death.

Saddar Bairooni Police also arrested two POs identified as Ameer and Naseer who were wanted by police in murder cases.

Brandon D. James