Chief Swanton’s research reduced to 3

Swanton Mayor Neil Toeppe gave an update on the village’s search for a new fire chief and the status of the tree commission at last week’s council meeting.

Swanton has received nine applications for the position of fire chief and has scheduled five interviews with Toeppe and councilor Derek Kania. Toeppe said the interviews each lasted at least an hour.

“When we looked at all these people’s resumes, we thought, ‘Man, every one of them is really good,'” Toeppe added. “And then when we interviewed them, they all had really good interviews.”

Kania added that with the candidates interviewed, “everyone was passionate about being a fire chief, passionate about their work and their careers up to this point.”

Three applicants were selected for a second interview with fire department command staff. Toeppe said that after these interviews, the village did not have a “perfect candidate”.

The mayor said he hoped a decision would be made after an executive session at the next Council meeting,

Toeppe also updated Council on the tree commission. There are two key issues at the moment.

The first is that the commission will be reduced to a single member. The other is that the village has sought to separate the tree commission and tree rules into two separate ordinances.

The ordinances should be submitted to the Board for review and consideration at a future meeting.

Also last Monday, the Water and Sewer Committee recommended adding Project 12 to the next sewer separation project. Committee chairman David Pilliod said overall costs would likely be reduced by adding the smaller Project 12 to Projects 3 and 11, rather than doing it alone.

The construction cost for Projects 3 and 11 was estimated at $1,351,624, while the construction cost for Project 12 is estimated at $379,193.

Project 12 is on Main Street south of the Airport Freeway, a stretch of road that is not in great condition. If approved by the Board, the projects are expected to be completed in 2024.

A bill will be drafted and presented to Council at a future meeting.

other business

• Kania has been appointed to the EMA Board of Directors.

• Administrator Rosanna Hoelzle advised that the membrane softening project at the water treatment plant will not begin until November due to material delays.

• Playground equipment for Memorial Park is tentatively scheduled to ship to the village in May, according to Hoelzle. Then, the village will be waiting for installation.

In addition, two of the five benches in the adopt-a-bench program have been sold.

• Council approved an emergency resolution requesting an active transportation plan grant from the Ohio Department of Transportation.

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Brandon D. James