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Castlegar Search and Rescue has a new “snowbulance”. Photo: SCAR

Castlegar Search and Rescue buys “snowbulance”

The craft will provide a safer and smoother ride for patients

Injured backcountry winter users will now have a safer and smoother ride to help with new equipment acquired by Castlegar Search and Rescue (CSAR).

The group bought a “snowbulance”.

“The snowbulance should significantly improve our ability to provide care to patients as they are extracted from remote locations using snow machines,” CSAR says.

The snowbulance will be towed by a tracked quad. It is mounted on skis with shock absorbers, providing a smoother ride than a toboggan.

Previously, subjects were extracted using an open rescue toboggan pulled by a snowmobile.

CSAR says the set-up limited the rescuer’s ability to monitor the patient and intervene if the patient worsened.

The snowbulance helps protect the patient from the elements and allows the attendant to monitor the patient from an integrated seat.

Funding for the snowbulance came from part of a $100,000 grant for BC Community Games. the group recently has received.

The group plans to use the rest of the grant to buy new equipment, including GPS-equipped communication radios and tablets for field research managers, and a cellular booster and satellite dish for the center. of command.

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Brandon D. James