An empty sailboat on Stratford beach invites a search for an owner

Photo by Peter Yankowski

A sailboat, according to the US Coast Guard, ran aground on the Russian beach in Stratford, Connecticut. Authorities are trying to trace the ship’s owner, but said the boat does not have a hull number.

US Coast Guard / Contribution

STRATFORD — The U.S. Coast Guard hopes to locate the owner of an empty sailboat that ran aground on Russian Beach.

The agency’s Long Island Sound sector said the Facebook Thursday the boat was found with “no hull number, no registration, not seaworthy and waterlogged”.

The vessel had been reported to Stratford Police and had apparently been seen floating in the area for the past two weeks.

Under state law, boats can be considered “abandoned” in Connecticut if left on someone’s property for more than 24 hours without permission, or found floating freely in water for more than 24 hours.

Anyone with information about the vessel or its owner can contact the Long Island Sound Sector Command Center at 203-468-4421.

Brandon D. James