I’ll Help Get a Refund Credit. Real Help In Getting A Loan Back

Credit services for a certain percentage of the amount today are very popular. Banks tighten their borrowers’ demands, keeping in mind the omissions. Meanwhile, the material welfare of citizens does not improve, and unemployment is only growing. So, there are people willing to pay back the old to help with getting the loan. Let’s try to figure out the risks that exist in such transactions and whether it is possible to protect ourselves from the deceived.

For most citizens, the main option for borrowing the required amount is crediting. However, banks are not always ready to provide the required loan. Reasons for this can be several:

  • no registration or nationality of the Russian Federation;
  • low wages;
  • incompatibility of age limits;
  • the presence of a large number of dependents;
  • lack of formal employment;
  • bad credit history;
  • a large number of outstanding loans;
  • lack of collateral or guarantors.

Of course, always find a credit institution that will issue a loan. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to find it.

How to avoid problems during a transaction

Most commonly used ads “I’ll get a withdrawal credit” so-called black entrepreneurs are able to provide the debtor with serious debt problems. The percentage of fees will amount to at least half of the amount received. The money will go to the payment of broker services and nominees who will be given a loan. As a result, you will have to double over, and sometimes even quadruple.

Among those who provide such help are many deceivers, but it will be too difficult to prove the fact of fraud. After all, there is no evidence of using their services by citizens. Too tempting offers, pre-payment requests, communications in a neutral area instead of offices, absence of a formal contract should warn a potential debtor.

Often, the offer of “Emergency credit for the return to the old place without paying in advance” sets people who call themselves private investors. Often behind this are the usual imposters who want to profit. This investor does not have to bribe, borrower is charged with paying interest. Communications with such a “lender” often occur through the phone, and after the transfer of the subscription evaporates, not fulfilling the promise.

Getting Credit Through Banking Employees – Major Risks

 Getting Credit Through Banking Employees - Major Risks

Loan issuance through the bank’s security service for returning money generally offers the same “black” brokers. They have links to employees who do not believe in the inconsistency of the debtors’ parameters with the requirements of a financial institution. The risk of such transactions is large enough, and fully damaged credit history is not the biggest loss in this situation. Usually, after the implementation of such a transaction, the borrower becomes “happy” the owner of the contract with the conditions of confinement.

It should be noted that such actions of the participants in the transaction immediately fall into three articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation: 154, 176 and 204, that is, they can be drawn for fraud, bribery and illegal credit processing. In practice, the borrower in such cases rarely acts as a defendant, and his participation in this case is difficult to prove. However, the bank may demand full repayment of debt, acting through a court. For the debtor, it is full of communication with police officers and confiscation of property.

The Borrower risks entering the police field if false documents are used for obtaining the loan. Of course, when paying regularly and without delinquency, bankers will probably not be interested in fake papers. But citizens who lend money without the possibility to return it are in danger of becoming accused in the criminal case because of unlawful loan and fraud.

How to Get Loan With Bad Credit History

 How to Get Loan With Bad Credit History

Some banks cooperate with borrowers who have a bad credit history if they do not have open delinquencies or debts. But credit rates for such citizens will not be the most profitable. Lenders will be happy to give a big loan to the security of current real estate or cars. Officially, without an intermediary, a loan can be obtained through numerous MFIs, but often their annual percentage is too high. Therefore, in these offices it is not worth lending large amounts.


You need to know that the right assistance in obtaining an early repayment loan can only come from official brokers. Their job is to find an appropriate credit organization that is prepared to deal with a troubled debtor. As a rule, they are not charged until the transaction is completed. The second difference from “black” entrepreneurs is a small rate up to 15% of the loan amount. Such organizations do not give a 100% guarantee, but usually find the right bid. Approval receives up to 80% of applications. Brokerage companies provide legal support and strictly adhere to the client’s interest. Therefore, you should not be afraid that you will sign a contract with unfavorable conditions.


If you are having difficulty obtaining a loan or you are not willing to collect information to get the required amount, brokers and loan lenders of our sites will be happy to assist you.

Our site will be able to help you if you have a large credit burden, poor credit history, open debts and delays in banks or if there is no official workplace. Also in many other cases, brokers are surely able to help you.

If you do not have the necessary documents, getting help from a broker will be the best option in your situation. The broker will prepare the necessary documents and help you find the appropriate banking product. 
Also, brokers provide quick help in obtaining cash loans, mortgages or car loans. If these options do not match, experts are always willing to take a loan or loan from a private person. 
To get immediate help on lending, place an ad on our forum in the “I’ll lend money” section.

Help with a bank employee loan

The Bank will not miss a loan request without an official job or if the high earnings are not stated in the receipts. In that case, you will be able to help employees of a bank who will, with the fee, be happy to help you get a loan without a certificate of income. The bank employee will choose the desired loan program, help with the documents, and guarantee your loan.

How to use credit counseling?

Our bulletin board provides you with all the tools you need to get professional help in getting the best broker and bank account.

To speed up the procedure, follow these steps:

Send an ad with the amount you’d like to receive and wait for the broker’s and staff’s answer. 
Review the message board and select the variants of the bidding that will suit you, whether that is – I will help you with a credit directly through a bank or a cash loan without reference and guarantors. Compare bids and call a specialist on this number.

With broker loan services you get a loan much easier and faster. Brokers will use their channels and bank contacts and will help in obtaining guaranteed loans.

Brokerage fees depend on the complexity of your situation, typically 10% and more. It’s important to remember that professional brokers do not take up assignments, be careful.