Assistance in Debt – How to Pay off Debts?

How do you pay off your debts and get effective debt assistance that applies to both bank and non-bank liabilities?

It is known that it is easiest to borrow money. Especially nowadays, when at every possible step we are tempted by various types of television commercials, billboards or advertising copies published in millions of copies. Money also as if they wanted to leave our wallet – we go to the store for one thing and come back with a few. This is one of the first steps to falling into the debt trap.

Of course, it’s different when one or two times a year we happen to spend more than we earn. Worse if this happens to us from month to month. Then we are already on the straight road to fall into the debt loops. Not being able to cope with the flood of expenses, we save by credit card, then with a cash loan. And when the bank no longer wants to give us credit, because it assesses our creditworthiness as low, we reach for non-bank loans and payday loans.

How to pay off our debts or help with indebtedness

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The most important thing is to specify exactly what debts we have and which we would like to get rid of. If it is mainly bank debts like cash loan, car loan, account limit or credit card debt, here is just one suggestion for me. All these financial liabilities can be combined with each other using a consolidation loan. As part of such a loan, any bank may put money to repay all of these liabilities and convert them into one loan, with one installment.

What are the main advantages of such a solution? Above all, smaller monthly liabilities. We will now pay for all these loans less than we have paid so far. For example, if the sum of all bank liabilities so far cost us 1500 PLN each month, now is the chance that we will pay a monthly installment of 900 or 1000 PLN. Of course, we will extend the repayment period, but we will not have to spend each month to repay loan installments, more than we can earn. I think the advantage of this solution is also the fact that we can take such a consolidation loan at any bank. So not necessarily the same in which we have loans. Thanks to this, we will be able to look for the most advantageous offer of consolidation loan and opt for one that will have the most favorable terms.

What kind of debt help can banks offer us? As part of the consolidation loan, we can obtain high amounts of loans. Some banks are able to provide up to PLN 200,000 as part of a consolidation loan. The repayment period of such a loan usually can not be longer than 9 or 10 years. Of course, both the amount of such a loan and the number of installments to which it can be spread depends mainly on our creditworthiness. Unfortunately, I may be worried about people with debts in the form of non-bank loans, but consolidation loans are granted exclusively for the repayment of bank liabilities. They can not be used to repay non-bank loans or payday loans.

How to pay off non-bank debt?

How to pay off non-bank debt?

The best way to repay the debt in the form of payday loans or other loans from non-bank companies would be to reach for a loan via a bank. Unfortunately, banks do not give loans to get out of debt, they also do not give loans to indebted people. The only possibility of obtaining support from the bank is to take out a cash loan or a mortgage loan. However, it requires a positive credit history in Retro (Credit Information Bureau). Therefore, it will not be obtained by people who had previously had problems with timely repayment of bank loans or loans. Each delay in repayment of a loan or other bank commitment generated a lower point score in Retro databases. And such an assessment is one of the main determinants when granting bank loans.

A somewhat alternative in this situation may be long-term non-bank loans, for which Retro databases are not checked. Such loans, however, are very expensive solutions, the more that the high loan amount is usually needed to repay the debt. And high non-bank loans are associated with high costs that must be incurred. Distributed in installments, but in a general statement characterized by the fact that they are once again such as the amount borrowed.

Well, unless we use the offer of a company that has a loan with a miro in its offer. Such a loan may have a lower cost, provided that we use the services of a proven company and choose a relatively short repayment period. The advantage of such a loan is certainly that it can be obtained by people who are in a difficult financial situation, but also having a negative credit history in Retro databases or debtors’ registers. What’s more, this loan can also help us if we are in danger of being bailiff. So he does not have to have the ability or credit history, it is important that our sponsor is a person who has such aspects.

Additional work to fight debt

Additional work to fight debt

In addition to consolidating liabilities or spreading the repayment of debt into installments, it is worth considering other options to fight debt. We can look for additional income, thanks to which our financial situation will improve. If we work 8 hours a day, let’s think about it to take some extra hours to earn an extra penny. At this point, we should think about what we can do and how we could use it to achieve additional income. Maybe an extra job as a driver, maybe some orders that we could do online? They posted on their blogs very powerful articles on the fight against debt, which are definitely worth reading. Maybe thanks to them you will find your own way to effectively get rid of debt.